Deep cleaning

Keep your aircraft in top condition. Make the most of your budget. And protect the image of your airline. Thanks to our internal cleaning the interior of your airplanes stays pristine. And don’t forget: a clean airplane means a safer feeling.

External cleaning

Save fuel costs for your airplanes. Maintain your image. With an external cleaning - full wash or belly wash - your airline shows its best side … And makes your competitor jealous.

Transit & night stop cleaning

Is your aircraft on the ground for a stopover? It's definitely time for a clean! Our cleaning teams turn out for an efficient cleaning operation. Always on time and within budget.


Why choose us?

Some cleaning companies are more efficient than others. BP Precision Airline Services has the wind in its sails because we have made efficiency our trademark. We go the extra mile, because we use ecological cleaning products and methods, provide our personnel an extensive training and pay a lot of attention to safety.

Airplane repair & maintenance

Does the interior of your aircraft need maintenance? Are there seats, trim or other interior elements that need replacing? Want to hire a cabin mechanic? Please contact our sister company Bridge Aviation. They offer several cabin care programs for upgrading the cosmetic appearance of your aircraft.


The Washbot is an innovative and efficient solution designed to transform the way airplanes are washed and maintained.This cutting-edge washbot is an indispensable asset for airlines and aviation service providers.